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im seting up a donate points donation for fun :) thanks for the points! i even make a points brooke art if i can at least hit 10 points :3

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im an askblog.
i do art and u can ask my "UT OC" stuff
Underswap Sans Normal : Hey fell can uh you get me a glass of malk?
underfell sans emoticon  : we dont have any malk but i can get you some milk.
Underswap Papyrus Pun Process  : thats what he just said
Underswap Sans Nervous   : Yeah i just wont some malk.
underfell sans emoticon  : no ur saying it wrong ur saying MALK like its a dizeez
Underswap Papyrus Winking : hehe how do you say it.
underfell sans emoticon  : i say it like everyone odda say it milk  m . i . l . k
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : yeah like 2%
Underswap Sans Winking  : yeah hole malk.
underfell sans emoticon : no no no say milkshake.
Underswap Sans Normal  : milkshake
underfell sans emoticon : know say milk.
Underswap Sans Winking  : malk
underfell sans emoticon : *slap on the knees twice* are you hereing this? 
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : yeah the guy just wonts a glass of molk
underfell sans emoticon : MOLK!?
[Emote] UNDERSWAP Papyrus is triggered.  : GIVE HIM THE MOLK FELL!
Gaster Intensifies  : swap paps indoor voice's please
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : sorry bro and his friend-
Gaster Intensifies   : *steps away*
Underswap Sans Angry  : Fell poor me a glass of malk!!
underfell sans emoticon : w-why are you yelling at me?!
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : just give him the freaking molk!
underfell sans emoticon : you guys arnt even saying the same thing!
Underswap Sans Angry  : where all saying malk fell
underfell sans emoticon : NO UR SAYING MALK UR SAYING MOL-
Underswap Papyrus Serious  : MOOLK!
Underswap Sans Angry  : MALKKK!
Underswap Papyrus Serious  : MOOOOOOLK!
Underswap Sans Angry  : MAAALLALLLK!
Underswap Papyrus Serious  : MOOOOOOOOOOOLLLKK
underfell sans emoticon : SHUT UP SHUT UP! *pulls gun out*
underfell sans emoticon : *puts gun up agenst head*
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : *pulls gun out and points at fell* put it down
Underswap Sans Nervous  : *pulls gun out and points at fell* dont do it fell
Underswap Sans Serious  :....
Underswap Papyrus Pun Process  :....
Underswap Sans Angry  : *Puts gun up agenst head*
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : *does the same that blue did*
Underswap Papyrus Serious  : JUST PUT IT DOWN KNOW.
Underswap Sans Nervous  : YEAH JUST PUT IT AWAY!
underfell sans emoticon : PUT UR GUNS AWAY!!!
Underswap Sans Angry : JUST PUT IT AWAY!!!
underfell sans emoticon : IM GOING TO KILL MY SELF OVER THIS!
Underswap Sans Angry  : UR JUST LIKE A BROTHER TO ME
Underswap Papyrus Nervous  : PUT IT AWAAAY!
Underswap Sans Angry  : UR JUST LIKE A BROTHER TO ME
Underswap Sans Angry  / Underswap Papyrus Nervous  / underfell sans emoticon : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Underfell Sans AU Icon : then we all pull the trigger all of us.
Underswap Papyrus Icon  : heh nah we aint gunna do dat
Underswap Sans Icon  : yeah we aint going to do dat
Underfell Sans AU Icon  : why not?
Underswap Papyrus Icon  : idk its just to dark you know?
Underfell Sans AU Icon  : yeah yeah but its still cool becuz where killing blue.
Underswap Papyrus Icon  : ....
Underfell Sans AU Icon  : what? you there? uhhh?
US!Paps 'WHAT'  : blue go hide know 
underswap sans emoticon  : but why?
US!Paps 'WHAT'  : it ok?
Underswap Sans Icon  : aww...ok


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Everybody im makeing a new account her name is tasha ivy rose meet you there :3
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Hi friend! Sorry for not talking to you so much! To much stuff happening!!
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i saw undertail 

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